Isabelle utilises her extensive background in operations, as well as her strict attention to detail, to ensure those she assists are able to travel safely and comfortably with each itinerary tailor-made to the client's unique preferences. She has earned a reputation of distinction and prominence for her commitment to training her staff to master attention to detail and scrutiny of individual requirements, and she expertly oversees the daily operations of the corporate and leisure divisions. She attributes her success to the quality of services that she provides and her passion for the travel industry as a whole. The company and staff pride themselves on their excellent customer service in all aspects of travel.

Isabelle has completed all qualifications to be a fully certified travel agent, giving her a complete understanding of all aspects of the industry, from tourism law to airfare construction and ticketing. Isabelle appreciates the strong support and loyalty of her clients and looks forward to expanding Bonaventure Travel through its many referrals and social media posts.

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