The first thing you should do when you board a cruise ship

By "Travel at 60"

If you’ve just booked a cruise, how exciting! You’re about to go on a voyage of a lifetime.
Amongst all the excitement there is with cruising, planning your port excursions and things you want to do on board, some of the logistical aspects of cruising can be easily overlooked.

One often overlooked aspects of cruising is the boarding process. When you board, your luggage is checked in separately to be taken to your room for you. While this could be seen as a first-class point of service, it does mean you won’t have access to your suitcase for a couple of hours.

You also won’t be able to go to your room straight away because staff will be preparing it for you, making sure everything is hunky-dory for your stay. So, what to do if you can’t head to your room and get settled? Explore the ship before the foot traffic gets overwhelming.

Most of the shops and attractions on your cruise ship will be closed while you’re still at port, so now is the best time to get your bearings. Make a mental note of the places you want to go to when they’re open and make a mental note of where all of the great attractions are.

Another thing you can do is pack a swimsuit and thongs into your carry-on bag and hit the pool. The pools and hot tubs can be busy in the first few days especially, so it’s the perfect time to get some peace and quiet.

A lot of people head straight to the buffet when they board, making the buffet somewhere you probably want to avoid.

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