Introducing Qsuite

Qatar Airways has announced that it will introduce its new Business Class product, Qsuite, to Sydney and Canberra starting 2 July 2018*.

Qsuite features the industry’s first-ever double bed in Business Class with privacy panels that stow away, allowing customers in adjoining seats to create their own private room. Adjustable panels and movable TV monitors on the centre four seats allow customers travelling together to transform their space into a private suite, allowing them to work, dine and socialise.

Qsuite-fitted B777-300ERs have a configuration of 42 Business Class, and 312 Economy Class.

There will be up to four weekly flights ex-Sydney/Canberra with Qsuite in July*. Qsuite is currently scheduled to be daily from 1 August 2018*.

Qsuite FAQ

1. What is Qsuite?
The Qsuite is Qatar Airways’ new Business Class. The highlights of the Qsuite are the doors and dividers which offer privacy, a fully lie-flat bed, in-suite accent lighting and generous storage spaces.

2. Which aircraft type or route offers the Qsuite?
Qsuite is being progressively fitted on our Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 fleets. It currently flies to London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Washington, Chicago, and Houston. Sydney and Canberra are scheduled to offer Qsuite up to 4-weekly from 2 July 2018, and daily from 1 August 2018 (subject to operational requirements).

3. What is a “quad”?
A “quad” refers to a cluster of 4 centre seats which can be customised to the needs of the travelling companions. This includes movable privacy panels that can be arranged to create a social space for families and friends.

4. How many quads are available in each aircraft type?
There are generally 3 to 5 quads. This may vary depending on the aircraft type and configuration.

5. Which seats need to be booked to experience the ‘double bed’?
If customers travelling together want to experience the double bed, they need to book two central seats which are rear facing. These are the E and F seats.

6. Do the ‘double bed’ seats have a partition screens which can be raised?
All suites offer complete privacy. In case two strangers are seated in seats E and F, a head-height privacy screen can be raised.

7. Which seats need to be booked to experience the Quad?
If four customers are travelling together and want to experience the Quad, they need to book four central seats i.e. two front-facing seats which are positioned to face two rear-facing seats.

8. Which seats are rear-facing and which seats are forward-facing?
As a general rule, all window seats (A/K) and all double beds (E/F) are rear-facing. All seats adjacent to the aisle (B/D/G/J) are forward-facing.


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