Kimberley Cruising for Adventurers

Kimberley Cruises

Be one of the privileged few to explore the pristine waters, wild cliffs, jaw dropping gorges, natural phenomena and other amazing sights you can expect to see on our cruises to Western Australia’s remote Kimberley coast.

Each cruise is unique and unlike any other. With over 1,000 islands to explore, visit secluded bays and inlets and bask in the serenity of this untouched paradise. This hands-on experience will be adventure packed and loads of fun. Our cruise is not a 5 star cruise - nature provides the 5 star part of our cruise. We aim to have big mobs of fun with a hands on experience – not at 5 star expense, but a 5 star adventure packed holiday. We won’t make your beds and you will be waiting on yourselves, but you certainly can tick this one off your bucket list early.

Sailing through one of the last frontiers will give you a new perspective on the Kimberley Coast. The Kimberley region is home to some of the most stunning natural attractions in the world. Western Australia’s marine areas are globally significant and the waters are considered to be among the least disturbed in the world. Not only will you get to marvel at these spectacular sights and explore the great wilderness, wildlife and marine life but you will delve into the cultural history of your surroundings.

These waters are so untouched that the vast majority of these islands remain unnamed; so not only will this be a journey of exploration but also discovery!

Our small group experience has continued to combine discovery, good old fashioned hospitable service and expertise and "Aha!" moments that happen in the unplanned spaces in between expectations.

On your trip-of-a-lifetime, you’ll more than just see, you'll do! It’s always your choice—do as much or as little as you like—adventure activities, shore excursions or simply relax. You’ll be in on all the action—in the wilderness, on the water, learning about history and nature and sharing moments with newfound friends. It’s about the here and now, and the WOW! moments.

Whether you’re traveling solo, with a companion, as a family, or in a group, Ahoy Buccaneers Adventures reveals an unimaginable way of uncovering hidden wonders while having fun. Bring the whole family and share a journey across generations—we welcome kids any age to 98 (and beyond!). Our endeavour is to create lifelong memories for our guests, all focused on activities and excursions that complement the wilderness, wildlife, culture and heritage of the places we visit.



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