Frightening ad gives guide on avoiding terror attacks

A new video has been released by UK police advising travellers what they should do in the event of a terror attack.

The clip is four minutes in length, and incorporates the safety slogan of ‘run, hide, tell’, which has been the main message from police since 2015, not long after 30 British tourists were killed in an attack in Tunisia.

The video shows various situations and responses to a terror attack or lone gunman attack at a hotel, with tips on hiding, running, and ensuring the correct authorities are notified.

Per the BBC, counter terrorism police said it’s not in response to specific terror threats, but rather part of a general awareness campaign.

Detective Chief Superintendent Scott Wilson told the BBC it was “only right” to offer advice following the terror attacks in London and in Sousse, Tunisia.

“These people are not there to steal a mobile phone or steal your watch, they are there to kill you, you have to get yourself out of that danger zone,” Wilson told the BBC.

“It’s very unlikely [that you will be caught up in a terror attack].

“It’s very much like the safety briefing you get on an aeroplane before it takes off – it’s very unlikely that plane is going to crash, but it’s very important you are given that knowledge of what you should and what you shouldn’t do.”

Wilson said 23,000 representatives from major UK holiday companies at resorts all over the world had been trained in what to do in the event of a terror attack as well as how to spot suspicious items and activity.

Per BBC, Foreign Office minister Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon said, “While there is no specific information that British holidaymakers will be targeted this summer, it sets out some simple steps we can all take to minimise the impact of an attack if one does take place.”

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